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Frequently Asked Questions About Bird Control

What are pest birds?

Pest birds appear in large numbers and often cause one or more problems including crop loss in agriculture and viticulture, occupational health issues (hygiene, diseases), property damage (droppings, feces) or safety issues (e.g. bird strike in aviation).

Some very common pest birds are Pigeons, Starlings, Sparrows, Wax Eyes, Blackbirds and some Seagull species. Native birds are rarely considered a pest.


What is the best method to control pest birds?

This is a difficult question. Bird control is a complex topic. There is no single method that can solve any bird problem. Every situation is different and must be assessed thoroughly before a recommendation can be given. If you would like an assessment please get in touch with us through the 'contact' form on top of this page.  


What is the difference between bird proofing and bird control?

Bird proofing usually refers to bird exclusion whereas bird control is the general term for deterring and reducing the number of birds in a given area (e.g. warehouse, airfield etc). Bird proofing includes a number of exclusion products such as bird protection netting, brushes, bird roost inhibitors (bird spikes, bird proof gels or liquids). Bird control products include all bird proofing products as well as visual and acoustic bird deterrents, taste repellents, fogging products and more.